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A South Dakota Bio Science Success Story


Feeding the animals that feed the world.

Feeding the animals that feed the world is what one South Dakota-based company specializes in. Nutraferma uses a cutting edge solid-state fermentation method to process soy and other plant materials into high-quality animal feed ingredients for poultry, pork and aquaculture producers.


“North Sioux City and South Dakota were a natural fit for us,” said Jason Glover, Director of Business Development for Nutraferma. “The state’s agricultural background and biotech friendliness provided us with a positive business climate, a supply of raw materials, regional proximity to our customers and exportavenues.”

And that has resulted in products that create profit for producers. Vegetable-based proteins, such as the ones Nutraferma produces, offer cost savings, increased animal performance, greater availability and more consistency for producers.

Extensive research work has also produced stateof- the-art yeast products, bioactive peptides and phytogenic additives. Nutraferma is continually applying new technology and testing its product lines. At any given time, the company is participating in field trials or university research – a number of which have been done in South Dakota.

South Dakota’s business climate has been an asset for Nutraferma, according to Glover. The company has been manufacturing in South Dakota since 2008. “South Dakota is where a positive business climate, low business and property costs, good utility rates and financial growth incentives have come together for us,” said Glover. “We work in many states but are proud to call South Dakota home.”

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