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  Governor Dennis Daugaard recently appeared on Bloomberg TV promoting South Dakota's business climate

Low operating costs. Fiscal responsibility. Reasonable regulation. A growing and productive workforce.

Those are just some of the reasons companies are choosing South Dakota. And, that was the message Governor Daugaard and other economic development officials carried with them to New York and Washington DC earlier this month, where they met with financial publications, site selectors, and business prospects

“We compare really, really well when competing with other states. Specifically, South Dakota has a distinct advantage over states such as Illinois, California, and New Jersey,” said GOED Commissioner Pat Costello. “Business sector growth in South Dakota is far outpacing business sector growth in those states.”

South Dakota also compares well to other states, including those that have traditionally been leaders in business recruitment, such as Georgia, North Carolina and Texas.

Costello noted that some states, such as Texas, stack up well to South Dakota when it comes to business and tax climate, but South Dakota’s workforce in general is better educated and more productive. “We have a ready, willing, and able workforce here in South Dakota,” Costello said. “Our workers are productive, and the return on investment that companies get on their South Dakota workforce we can demonstrate objectively. It is virtually unmatched."

To learn more about business in South Dakota, contact Steve Watson, Director of Business and Community Development, at or 605-367-4518.

Want to Visit?

Governor Dennis Daugaard hosts three networking events through the course of the year that bring together business leaders and high-level members of state government: The Golf Classic in June, the Buffalo Roundup in September, and the Invitational Pheasant Hunt in October. Space is limited.

Please contact Steve Watson, Director of Business and Community Development, at or 605-367-4518, if you are interested in learning more about these events.

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