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Royal Canin USA Constructing South Dakota Manufacturing Facility


Pictured, from left, are: Rep. Jim Bolin; Keith Levy, President, Royal Canin USA; Gov. Dennis Daugaard; Paige Petersen, Executive Director, North Sioux City Economic Development Corporation; Mayor Randy Frederickson;  Ted Cherry, City Administrator, North Sioux City; Daniel Klapuch, Site Manager; Sam Ajayi, Project Manager; Chris McGowan, President, Sioux Chamber of Commerce; and former GOED Commissioner Pat Costello.
Royal Canin USA, a subsidiary of Mars, Incorporated, announced the construction of a new state-of-the art manufacturing facility in North Sioux City, S.D. The first phase of the project was launched in late June, and the investment is expected to reach more than $100 million.

“We are more than excited to have Royal Canin locate in South Dakota,” said GOED Commissioner Scott Stern. “We are fortunate to have Royal Canin as a corporate citizen in South Dakota.”

Royal Canin currently operates a manufacturing facility at the site of the expansion and produces wet dog and cat food for several MARS brands. The new facility is scheduled to begin production in April 2019 and will be built to meet leading-edge environmental standards, and will pursue a LEED Gold Certified designation upon completion.


State Studying Potential for Growth in Dairy Industry

The South Dakota Department of Agriculture (SDDA) has contracted with Blimling & Associates, a Madison, Wisc.-based dairy consulting firm, to define areas in the state that are best suited for additional dairy capacity investment.

The study will also identify products such as butter, milk powder, and ice cream, that could be produced on a larger scale and further diversify and grow the state’s dairy industry.

“South Dakota has seen phenomenal growth in the dairy industry in recent years,” Paul Kostboth, Director, Division of Agricultural Development, SDDA. “In fact, there are now 43.75 percent more cows in South Dakota than there was a decade ago.”

The growth among producers has helped establish groundwork for further growth in processing. Total milk production has also increased in the last decade from 1.4 billion pounds in 2005 to 2.3 billion pounds in 2015, which is an impressive increase of 64 percent.

“This nation-leading growth we are experiencing proves that South Dakota is a great place for both producers and processors to thrive,” said Kostboth.

“Agriculture has long been the backbone of South Dakota’s economy. That, along with South Dakota’s business-friendly policies, tax environment and abundant natural resources really sets South Dakota apart as a great place for both dairy processing and production,” said GOED Commissioner Scott Stern. “The State is committed to continuing a sustainable growth pattern across South Dakota’s dairy industry well into the future.”


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