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    Friday, December 04, 2015
    B9Creations solidifies position as the provider of the 3D printing industry’s best casting resins
    RAPID CITY, S.D. DEC. 4 2015 – B9Creations is known globally as the brand that has made high-resolution 3D printing affordable and continues that reputation with these new products.B9-logo-(2).jpg

    Based on industry feedback and the desire for speed and ability to print with amazing detail across a wide variety of printing parameters, B9Creations adds two new castable resins, B9R-3-Emerald and B9R-4-Yellow resin, to their materials catalog.

    The new B9R-3-Emerald Resin was developed based on feedback from jewelers who loved B9R-1-Cherry but wanted faster printing and the ability to print across a broader range of parameters in a resin that wouldn’t discolor the investment.

    B9Creations’ new B9R-4-Yellow Resin has been developed to be the ultimate casting resin.  The cleanest burnout, ability to produce the finest detail, and improved speed enable flawless prints which produce fantastic castings.

    “Jewelers around the world have been asking for resins that make turning models in to cast masterpieces easier and faster.  Thanks to great customers and testing feedback, we’ve done that at a price point hundreds of dollars below what other manufacturers charge” Mike Joyce, CEO of B9Creations LLC. 

    To see images or more detailed product descriptions of B9R-3-Emerald and B9R-4-Yellow, visit our website at

    For further inquiries please contact Shon Anderson, VP of sales and marketing, at  or via phone (605) 787-0652.