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GOED Offers Toolbox to Aid in Location Decisions

We know that deciding where to operate your business is a big decision. Proximity to clients, business structure, taxes, workforce and more all play into the decision-making process. 

To make that process go a bit smoother, we have put together a series of tools to help you along the way. 

Of course, if you have any questions at all, please reach out to the economic development office at 605-773-3301 or visit our website,

Increase Your Purchasing Power in South Dakota

How much do you really earn? What do your wages mean, in terms of purchasing power? How much does your location matter?

It turns out, location matters - a lot. That's why we have created the Real Wage Calculator, the only wage calculator of its kind.

In South Dakota, businesses and individuals don't pay state personal income taxes or corporate income taxes. Other salary calculators don't take this into account, and that can skew results by 7 percent to 40 percent depending on where you live.

To see how your wages stack up in South Dakota, visit

To see how a specific occupation's average salary ranks in South Dakota, see our Wage Study.

To find out more about the research methods and metrics of the Real Wage Calculator, check out this blog post.


How Does Your State Compare?

Study after study and ranking after ranking agree: South Dakota is a top location to do business in. 

Use our 50-State Comparison to see how your state stacks up!


Buildings and Sites Available

Interested in South Dakota, but still looking for a building? View our Available Properties database and search by building type, lease or purchase, square footage, infrastructure access, community or county. Currently, we have 284 sites, 135 properties, and 24 Certified Ready Sites available.


GOED Offers Financing Options

South Dakota has what you need to make your project a reality. Whether you already operate a business in South Dakota, are starting up a business in South Dakota, or are looking to expand or relocate here from outside the state, all of our financing programs are designed to help you grow. Professional loan officers and business development specialists are at your disposal to move your company from blueprints and business plans to bricks and mortar.



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