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Medical Device Manufacturing in South Dakota

Medical Device Manufacturing in South Dakota

South Dakota has always had a strong manufacturing base, and with advances across the state in the bioscience industry, locating your medical device manufacturing facility in South Dakota only makes sense.

The information available on this page can help you track down specifics like what bio facilities and sites are available, what South Dakota’s regulatory environment is like, what incentives are available for medical device manufacturers, and what bioscience activities are already going on in our state.

Additionally, find out what companies are already doing business in South Dakota, where they are located, what they make, and more.

Why South Dakota?

In South Dakota, we work to meet the needs of emerging and established companies in the Medical Device Manufacturing industry. We have a top-ranked business and tax climate, educated workforce, accessible leaders and a reasonable regulatory environment.

There is no better place for your company to grow. Watch our video to find out why.

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