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COR-BON Success Story

Firearms Company Opens Training Facility

COR-BON – a law enforcement, military and civilian self-defense ammunition manufacturer that ships all over the world – established a presence in Sturgis in April 1995. Immediately prior to making the move from Detroit, the company received its largest law enforcement order at the time – half a million rounds.
“We moved to Sturgis, hired and trained 30 employees, and got the order out the door ahead of schedule,” said Peter Pi Sr., president and CEO of CORBON. “I attribute that success to the great workforce we have here in the Black Hills.

”Since then, the company has done another expansion project and is recently opened a law enforcement training center in Sturgis. The COR-BON Law Enforcement Training Center (CLETC) is a state-of-the-art facility that will offers first-class training for law enforcement agencies, individual officers, and civilians.

CLETC is the only facility of its kind in the region. Acclaimed instructors and world-renown guest instructors will teach time-tested fundamentals utilizing the latest technological advances in training and shooting techniques.

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