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Black Hills Ammunition Success Story

Dedication, Passion, and Loyalty

Black Hills Ammunition manufactures a quality product in a pro-hunting environment

At Black Hills Ammunition, the company believes that that best products always start with the hands.  In a two minute video called -  “It started with our hands” – this Rapid City, SD based company shows exactly why when dealing with ammunition, quality is far more important quantity.

That’s why every bullet and every round of ammunition that leaves the factory has been hand inspected for the greatest quality possible. Because in the end, quality matters.  Whether its customers are varmint hunting, target shooting, or on duty protecting our country, Black Hills Ammunition is designed to provide customers with optimum results.

From fire arms manufactures to the US Military, Black Hills Ammunition is known nationwide for its high level craftsmanship and admirable customer service. Since 1981, Black Hills Ammunition has been going the extra step to make quality products for their customers.

Dedication, passion, and loyalty fill the 60,000 square foot factory.  Each round of ammo is built with the same commitment and performance to ensure dependability and great value for every customer.  To learn more about the company and check out this video, click here and click on the “It started with our hands video.”


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