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Shooting, Hunting & Outdoors in South Dakota

Shooting, Hunting and Outdoors in South Dakota

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Why South Dakota?

South Dakota is an outdoor paradise for sportsmen and businessmen alike. We have a knowledgeable workforce that embraces firearm-friendly attitudes and pro-outdoor views, an established firearms cluster, and business and regulatory climates that can't be beat. South Dakota is the place for your shooting, hunting and outdoor company.

Did you know?

  • South Dakota has pro-business tax and regulatory climates that are beneficial to companies in the shooting, hunting and outdoor industries.
  • There is little red tape and reasonable regulations in in South Dakota. In fact, South Dakota was the first state in the nation to pass legislation saying gun manufacturers can’t be sued for injuries caused by use of a gun.
  • The State of South Dakota, population 858,469, issued approximately 329,164 large and small game hunting licenses last year.