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Professional Business Services in South Dakota

Professional Business Services

Why South Dakota?

  • Nationally, many companies are bringing outsourced services back to the U.S. With South Dakota’s low electricity rates, a relatively mild climate and fiber connectivity, the state is an attractive location.
  • South Dakota has low utility rates. In the past decade, rates have stayed among the lowest in the nation, and increases have been smaller than average.
  • South Dakota’s climate makes it more economical to cool data and other operation centers. On average, South Dakota offers 176 days under 55 degrees, ideal for free cooling. Additionally, there has not been a major weather disaster in South Dakota for at least 30 years. In South Dakota, you don’t have to worry about hurricanes, tropical storms, or typhoons.
  • South Dakota is connected. The state’s telecom providers offer telecom speeds that exceed much of the nation, often performing up to 20% faster than the average telecom provider in the United States.