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A South Dakota Bio Science Success Story

CEGA Innovations

South Dakota's highly collaborative environment opens doors for CEGA Innovations

Bed-to-bed transfers can be a strain for both patients and healthcare providers, but one South Dakota company has developed a product that is already helping make the process smoother for everyone involved.

Sioux Falls-based CEGA Innovations has introduced the MuV System – a board that uses a low-friction deck and elevated roller system and incorporates a clean, single-use sheet – to provide a cleaner and more comfortable patient environment and increased staff efficiencies in hospitals.
MuV System

Not only was the MuV System created in South Dakota, its clinical trials were conducted in the state as well. The product was first tested at Avera McKennan Hospital, Avera Heart Hospital of South Dakota, and Sioux Falls Specialty Hospital, according to CEGA Innovations President & Co-Founder Aaron Emerson.

“Now, we’re in actual commercial production. We’ve passed the clinical trial stage,” Emerson said. “We have partnered with Falcon Plastics in Brookings, S.D., to take on a large portion of the manufacturing and are beginning discussions with another company with a presence in South Dakota about manufacturing the MuV Sheets.”

Emerson said that the move to South Dakota has been beneficial for CEGA Innovations – both from a cost perspective and a collaboration perspective.

“What’s nice about doing business in South Dakota is that the business network is highly collaborative and has opened doors for us,” said Emerson. “Additionally, when we relocated a high-cost component of our manufacturing to South Dakota, it resulted in a 40 percent reduction in cost. That benefit was critical to us and allowed us to fully realize our production-to-retail cost goals.”

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