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A South Dakota Bio Science Success Story

South Dakota Company Medical Device in Clinical Trials

Alumend Developing Treatment for PVD

Nearly 12 million people suffer from Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD), but surprisingly, there is currently no effective method of treatment.   Alumend, a South Dakota medical device company, has developed an innovative treatment that is in clinical trials.


“Our current product focus is on molecular devices, which we have demonstrated can impart highly efficacious treatment using a more elegant approach,” said Ryan Hansen, President of Alumend.

Hansen believes that Alumend’s research will set the bar as the company’s potential is fully realized and validated, brining long-term solutions to PVD patients at a lower cost.

“Our treatments are based on the application of light-activated materials, which offers treatments with much less collateral impact than other applications that are out there,” Hansen said.

Alumend is part of the Avera Research Institute and is operating as its Applied Research Division in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

And, according to Hansen, South Dakota is a great location for the company because of the research and collaboration opportunities that are available.

“The environment in South Dakota is conducive to multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary research programs.  In our case, this program has been a melding of basic and applied chemistry as well as physiology and medicine,” Hansen said.

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